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Chembra peak trekking

Everyone will be interested to go for a trekking especially once you are frustrated with work, city traffic etc.Trekking will give some good fresh air little bit adventure and sight seeing, making  new friends etc.
Here I am going to tell about a beautiful place which is the highest peak in Wayanad,around 2100 m high from sea level. Its part of Western Ghats,and once you climb the peak there is a heart shaped lake. It will give you a mesmerizing view ,you should visit at least once this place if you are a travel buff.

I have visited chembra peak on last December, my aunts house is in Meppadi, Meppadi is the nearest town ship to chembra.Its around 10km far.Me  and my cousin Geo did an early morning trek to chembra peak. You can go by your own vehicles till the forest office, from there you have to get the pass for the trekking and after that no vehicles are allowed.

For the trekking pass it will cost around 750rs for group of 10 peoples, but if you have gone as single person or two,you have to pay the same.So better to go as a team. Actually we have clubbed with some other team as they were having only 4 people  in their gang.Forest officers won't allow the clubbing of teams , so don't do it in front of them.
Forest officers provide  a guide for a group of 10 people, already the route will be visible as foot line
so you can go by your own if you want.

We took around 2 hr to climb the peak and 1.5 hr to climb back. It was an awesome trucking experience.You should go and explore it.
Best time to go is November to February
before the grass dries and not in the raining season

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