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Halebidu hoysaleswara temple hassan bike trip

After visiting belur we have planned to visit the next famous hoysaleswara temple which is also proposed as on of the world heritage site by UNESCO, Its around 12km far from belur.
The kannada  word halebidu means old home or old city, as its name indicates it was capital for hoysala empire in the period of 12-13th century. This temple was built in around 1120AD.
Same like belur here also we can see the architectural legacy. each wall of this temple is covered by different sculptures interesting thing is none of them are unique,dancing women to different type of animals.

And we can see a big nandi statue in the temple, Its created using a single stone.
this place also crowded with tourists and devotees.

belur and halebidu you should never miss if you are interested about the history,peoples lived in olden times. this places you can cover either in your sakleshpur trip or chikamagalur trip[ Its default trips for all banglurians] because this place is close to both the routes.