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Donigal tunnel trekking sakleshpur karnataka western ghats

Donigal: This place is an adventures trekking destination, if you trek all the tunnels its wonderful and it may cost 1 day of your trip.  You can go to the tunnel entrance in 2 ways one is going to the railway station and walk from there to the tunnel its around 2 to 3 km (roughly) you have to walk through the track, check with station master or someone available in the station about the train timings and its better to plan your trekking after the monsoon timings because this place situated in the heart of western ghats.

There are around 58 tunnels present from donigal to Yedakmuri station, managlore to bangalore  trains using  this route and 2 passenger trains also there I guess.  I have told about the two routes you can use to  reach the tunnel, for  the second one you have to come towards maranahalli and there is a shop after 3 km(around) left side of the road, shop name is  Soniya Store its a malayali chettans stationary shop, from there  you have to take the left road, it will connect to the tunnel starting, keep asking people if you have doubt about the route they are very kind and helpful.

This is first tunnel's entrance and we didn't have any pass/authorization letter to do the trekking as per our friend in sakleshpur we dont require any pass to trek. we met some railway officers/ workers  in this place so they asked to walk through the side not through the rails because if train comes in between you wont get panic etc. These tunnels are not very big tunnels around 500m after one tunnel you will get some free space again next tunnel will start, we trek around 5 tunnels and planned to wind up our trekking because we have other plans are already scheduled if we trek there we will miss all the other plans
so we wind up our trekking and head to our next destination :kadmane tea estate.
Total trekking is around 20km [donigal to yedakmuri]

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