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Kadmane tea estate visit sakleshpur

Kadmane Tea Estate :Its one of the oldest tea plantation present in sakleshpur, after finishing donigal trekk we have planned to cover this place because our next destination is manjarabad fort so next place should be near by so we can reach there by 5 O clock and we can enjoy the sunset. we started from donigal around 12 O clock and set map but we missed the proper road in between that road is not proper if your riding a bike then its fine but if tis 4 wheeler its not good idea to take that route,
but  road works were happening there hope it will be fine now. While coming back we took the correct road its good road.
In kadmaney you can visit the tea factory and check how  they are making  tea powder, but its allowed only on  sunday, other days they won't allow vehicles inside but you can walk into the plantation and see the things.
By the way we were so hungry and time around 2.30 we thought to have lunch from there we saw a small hotel forget the name we got awesome mangalore style meals from there

Inside kadmane tea estate if you are going by walk you can see the tea factory workers home, most of them are from Tamilnadu/ Karnataka. tea company has provided them quarters. If its not Sunday its not a good idea to visit this place because you wont be able to see the tea making process etc.
but its calm and quite place to roam around.