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Shettihalli church gothic architecture 20km from hassan

Hassan : After visiting belur and halebidu we have planned to go to shettihalli church.This church built in 1860 in french gothic architecture by french missionaries and its abandoned   after the construction of  hemavathi dam.So in monsoon season once the dam get filled up with water the demolished church will get merged into water. half merged  church is famous for its  view but when we visited the church it was submerged  from water and we were able to go near to the church and see the architectural excellence.
This place is around 22km from  hassan and google map can help you to reach this place and check with someone and make sure you're in the right route

We reached shettihalli around 4 O clock there was couple of other bikers who are exploring this place once we reached this place. Heard from the localities that this place used for some kannada movies shooting. This place looks good for pre /post  wedding photo shoots. And one sad thing is this place is not maintaining at all you can see the plastic waste everywhere.
we spend around 1 hour in the place and wind up our day.
This is another picture of the bridge near to hemavathi reservoir